antique wax seal stamp

Because I’m full of ideas, and pretty thrifty as well, I thought I’d try using some items I had on hand to see if I could create a similar wax seal effect. I probably wouldn’t expect that this crayon seal would stay intact if posted, so best to use on hand delivered items. Don’t see what you want or need a hand? It is also a great gift packing decoration like Wine package sealing, rustic or vintage gift decoration etc.GREAT GIFT: This wax seal stamp set would be an amazing gift for those who love botanical series stampers. I think it looks quite smart on this envelope made from a vintage map. Be it the star pattern, the sakura power sun or others, you’ll guaranteed a vintage and mysterious vibe wherever you use them. Wax seals are certainly a niche area of print but nevertheless has had interesting developments with brands such as Stamptitue transforming the way you can use this old fashioned process. Choose from a range of wax seal stamps from botanical, trees, to some unique specimens by Lin, enjoy using them to add a touch of charm to your written correspondence, outgoing mails or gift packaging.

Desktop Adding a wax seal to your envelope or papers certainly adds a touch of class. These high-quality items are sure to impress custom seal wax stamp suppliers looking to stock up. Solid brass head. When doing custom designs, logos, family crest, etc we use the wooden handle stamp as the head size has a bigger range. The size ranges from 20mm – 50mm. Then the unique 25mm square stamp head. Size refers to the diameter of the wax stamp die. For special dinners and events why not to try adding wax seals to cute little place cards. Removable and installable handle make you easily change the brass head based on your need.GREAT ACCESSORY: It can widely used for envelope sealing, invitations sealing, letter, cards or mails sealing. Germans seem to use standardized sizes for their mail pieces, mostly cards and brochures. My first ever direct mail campaign went out to my good friends in Germany. When I first started my printing career, I actually came up with a bunch of different direct mail campaigns for RR Donnelley Shenzhen for their European customers, like some kind of American instinct. Writing, and the passion for it, came from my mother.

Should they succeed in their goal of acquiring it, ‘snail man’ will shortly join the collections of the Wakefield Museum. A medieval ‘meme’ has been revealed by the British Museum. Norwich Castle Museum is reportedly hoping to acquire the seal matrix. TaBo specializes in design,manufacture and sell high quality sealing wax,wax seal stampe,seal wax sticker,wax seal gift sets,wine seal wax, wax seal accessories and so on Our sealing wax is made from natural wax and natrual resin,no toxic no pollution,the wax seal stamp is made by rose wooden handle and brass head. From our London studio, all our stamps are hand-crafted, with a wood-turned Beech handle and traditional engraved solid brass head , and come beautifully presented in a luxury Little Blue Brush gift box, and hessian bag to store your wax stamp in. The wax seals made with these wax stamps will be slightly larger. Considering I used items just laying around the house to create a fairly nice looking DIY wax seal, this is a pretty successful project in my books. If you are posting a letter with a wax seal, it’s best to request your stamp to be “hand canceled” at the counter.

Letter writing levels up with this sword and rose wax seal. One even has a crest on it with the letter C, how fitting, (although it’s reversed in the impression). Low prices and easy setup makes HostGator one of the leading web hosting firms in the industry! You will need: Wax Stamp, Sealing Wax (faux, blended or traditional) low temperature glue gun (or melting oven for traditional wax) and a tin of OSC non-stick or a bag of ice for chilling stamp between applications. Melt your wax by either inserting it into a low temperature glue gun, or if using traditional wax sticks, break the wax into pieces and heat in melting spoon over a tea light flame. Blow on it to spread out the wax. This however dulled out when a postage reform in the form of the industrial age took hold of the Western World. The spoon is made of stainless steel plated with gold, shining and durable, comes with wooden handle, easy to hold and protect your hands. If using a match, hold the match under the end of the stick, and as the stick gets hot, the wax will drip down, through the flame, onto the paper.

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