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Characters are limited depending on the size of the stamp head, suggestions include: mottos, Latin phrases, names, dates, your own special message – we are only limited by your imagination ! At the Design Station, all our wax seal stamps are inspired by our customers, no matter the font, the text or the design, our creations are only limited by your imagination. Our designs are only limited by your imagination ! The only place I could find bottle dipping wax online for this type of product is Mexico and costs plus shipping are expensive. Place another small strip on the other side of the cover to hold the string close to the cover When the bottling wax is ready and flows in a thick smooth ribbon slowly dip you jar in the wax Press the jar in the melted wax to the base of the cover and then slowly remove the jar from the wax. Small jars of my hot sauce recipe sealed and stamped with bottling wax with a sisal rope to aid in removing the wax when opening.

Phills' Crafty Place: Special Friend - Sent with Love ... This recipe will make 5 to 6 wax seals. Custom order will be processed. Design and upload your very own custom wax seal stamp. A “wax seal stamp” is most used among officials. Why not just buy wax now since it’s now available in specialty stores and online? A glue stick style wax which is a flexible sealing wax for mailing through today’s postal systems is now able to be purchased at specialty craft stores. After many mixes and messes, trying everything from colored beeswax candles, cheese wax, and paraffin wax, I remembered trying to clean up the large round balls of melted glue stick that dripped on Mr. Handy’s grandmothers craft table. You can even make large batches of seals to use later. I’ll even answer all those wax seal questions you were too afraid to ask, like Can I use a candle for wax seals? We will be happy to answer any inquiries. As a result the box will be slightly smaller (as shown in the second photo). Gift Box option available. Each stamp comes packaged in our signature gift box. Now, not only have Yankee Candle come up with the perfect way to help your home feel festive throughout December, they have also made sure you’ll be prepared for any last minute gift emergencies!

Use a handheld mini fan too help quicken the wax cooling process when making a lot of seals. Be careful this wax is hot. Eventually I had an idea to seal my jars of homemade vinegars, condiments, and bottles of wine by dipping them in the wax. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ BUY 1 GET 1 FREE ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ BUY ANY $9.8 Wax Seal Stamp, GET Another ONE $9.8 Wax Seal Stamp FOR FREE ! Of course you could go online and buy a wax stamp or even have one uniquely designed for you – for a hefty price. Even more so since all of these written communications would have been hand-delivered by trusted messengers since there was as yet no postal service. There are many ways to make a wax seal stamp. After pouring the wax, allow some time for it cool and solidify, then press the stamp into the wax. You should then be able to easily release your stamp from the wax. Quickly set the jar on a counter and gently press the stamp into the top of the wax, wait for 10 seconds and then pull the stamp from the wax. Choose the base of your wax stamp with our size.

The default/standard stamp size is 25mm diameter. NEW – We are now able to engrave a Secret Message onto the top side of wax seal (only available on round 25, 30 or 35mm size stamp heads) Extra cost applies depending on the size of the stamp. Now to open the jar just pull the strings to break the wax. Use a small spoon and carefully pour the wax where you would like it and press the metal stamp in and release quickly. Available stamp sizes are 20mm, 22mm, 25mm, 30mm round or square shape, if you don’t want the default size, please leave me a note during order. Use the spoon to pour a small dime sized amount onto area you want. Easily Clean up the Candle melter and the spoon. You can keep using your unplugged glue gun. It works with the traditional sealing wax, bead wax, breakable wax, and our flexible and easy-to-use glue gun wax. Design your own Custom Wax Stamp.

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