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Set F: 1 pcs wax seal stamp with 1 box of wick bar sealing wax ( total 12 colors ,each size 11mm x 70mm), 1 spoon and a drawstring bag. Set E: 1 pcs wax seal stamp with 1 box of beads waxes(around 240pcs),1 spoon and a drawstring bag. Gift BOX A : 1 pcs wax seal stamp with 100pcs beads waxes, 1 pcs spoon and a retro gift packing box same as picture. Set D: 1 pcs wax seal stamp with 1 jar of beads waxes(around 180pcs),1 spoon and a drawstring bag. Set A: 1 pcs wax seal stamp with 1 pcs spoon and a drawstring bag. The neat and attractive appearance of a professional wax seal on wine bottles promotes more customer interest and wine sales. Stamp to give your design a more official look. Seal Stamp Diameter 25mm/30mm,depends on the design. We offer the 25mm diameter default/standard stamp size. Stamp sizes : 25mm/30mm(Customize the size according to the pattern). Please Note that size and color representation are subject to manufacturing variance and may not be exact.

Image from page 165 of \ To ensure you receive the purchase on time, we may start production if we didn’t receive your feedback in 48 hours. We will reply you within 12 hours and do our best to meet your requirements, solve your problems quickly and efficiently. 4. Once we received your payment, wax seal stamp our designer will create a draft artwork of your stamp for your approval within two business days. When you’re making payment, please indicate in the ‘Note’ section how you wanted your stamp to be or you can email me I will then reply with a preview sample in jpg format for your approval. This will allow the wax to harden. 0.25. If you would like wax sealing with your logo and sticker with rope or ribbon,pls contaqct me directly to get more detail information. In addition, wax seals offer the opportunity for easy company name or logo stamping on bottles, which quickly and clearly identifies the winemaker’s brand. Custom Wax Seal Stamps personalized with your font, logo or design are our specialty and our exclusive selection of Stock or Custom Wax Seal Stamps is the largest and best you can find anywhere.

Lunga From Iona CAN YOU MAKE CUSTOM WAX COLOURS? I have used this for such projects as sealing envelopes, gift bag decoration, seal for pirate’s treasure maps, sealing ribbon to gifts, parchment paper letters, wedding invitations, decorative bottle sealing wax on bottles of hot sauce, homemade ketchup, homemade vanilla, my soap and lotions, and when I bottle homemade wine. Take the stamp seal off after the wax comes cool completely;Wax seal stamp applicationWax seal stamp for wedding: The wax seal stamp in the wedding invitation has the beautiful meaning of witnessing love. Shipping: Package will be send out by EMS, it will take about 8-28 days to arrive destination. 4-8 days to send the package to your hand. ★★★ GUARANTEE: 45 days money back guarantee. It usually takes 3-5 business days for production. Will do whatever it takes to make you happy. It is usual takes 8-28 biz days delivered from china, sometimes will be delay coz uncontrollable wather. Estimated standard shipping times: Usually within 7-18 days(U.S, Canada, Australia, Most of Europe),other countries need 2-4 weeks. If you decide to use an express, please contact me before placing the order, I will change the shipping cost for you. The bottle sealing wax will create an air tight seal on your dipped bottle.

Place another small strip on the other side of the cover to hold the string close to the cover When the bottling wax is ready and flows in a thick smooth ribbon slowly dip you jar in the wax Press the jar in the melted wax to the base of the cover and then slowly remove the jar from the wax. If you need information on Wine Bottle Wax Seal Stamp, then you are in the right place. Not only will I walk you through everything you need to know about doing your own wax seals, but I’ll tell you which companies we swear by and which ones we’ll never buy from again. I will keep sending you proofs until you’re satisfied. Once you light the wick on your wax stick, things will move quickly. The custom wax seal stamp exceeds every expectation! Step 1. Place your order through this listing, and choose the design number you need.For custom order, you can send picture via message.

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